Join GrammaTech and AFuzion as we present our solution to these questions:

     • Are you prepared enough in your knowledge of Safety-Critical or DO-178C to be “experts in the subject”?
     • Have you considered Cyber-Security/ DO-326A and its impact on your software?
     • Are you receiving RFPs that have a requirement to adhere  to 
coding standards?
     • Are you currently doing manual peer review of code?
     • Does your static analysis check coding standards _and_ detect bugs?
     • Do you need to analyze software of unknown provenance?

GrammaTech’s CodeSonar for static analysis will help you find more defects in your code faster. AFuzion will show you the gaps in your Safety-Critical methodology and train you to harness the talent of your team - so you can get down to the business of releasing cutting-edge DoD-certified technology sooner, with peace of mind.

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At GrammaTech, we help our customers, partners, and government research sponsors solve the most challenging software issues of today and tomorrow, safeguarding embedded mission-critical devices from failure and cyber attack. With our security-first software design philosophy, you can rely on GrammaTech to help you design, develop, and deploy trusted software applications -- minimizing corporate risks and maximizing your competitive position.

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Date: Tuesday, May 26 at 2pm EST


Right Tool / Right Methodology – Developing Safety and Security Critical Systems | Tues, May 26 at 2pm EST